Home is where heart is

Its 7:30 in the morning. While rearranging the books on the shelf, you discover that the table lamp is not switching on. It worked just fine the last time you tried. With a long sigh you proceed to fix it when it strikes you that you've forgotten to water the plants. And that stack of newspapers that you were supposed to take out, that's still in the bedroom, gathering dust. And we won't even mention the cupboards and the cabinets and the kitchen sink.

No matter how much you do, there's always more left. Managing a home is a full time job. Maybe if you had more time..... who knows the guests might check in a little late tomorrow?

You double down on work. You spend all day and half the night. And you do it. You line all the books. You fix the table lamp. Water all the plants. You clean the floors. Do all the dishes. Prepare the bed. And somehow still find time to watch the late night show on the TV. You do it all and you look back with pride at what you've accomplished, and for some reason don't feel tired at all.

We don't have a clue how you manage to do all that. And that is why we want you to tell us.

"Tell? About What?"

About yourself. About your home. About all the things that you do to make it a special place.

Tour of the turf. What's hostello's?

A platform for hosts

Blog about your homes

hostello's is a place where you to talk about your home. Show us the pictures. Tell us the intimate details.

  1. Do you have a kitchen? How many bathrooms? Bedrooms?
  2. What about a garden? A parking space?
  3. Washing machines? Pets? House rules?

We want to know everything.

On an island in the sun

For all things fun

Rent your vacation homes on hostello's

On hostello's you can promote your properties. Put it out for rent. Accept reservations from guests.

Whether you own a home or manage it? If its riverside or on the top of the hills? Some place quiet or in the thick of things? Whether its a beach shack or an apartment or a villa or a bungalow, a resort, a vacation home?

Tell us about it.

A place of your own

Where you belong

At hostello's we've taken great care to ensure that your words don't drown in the noise. hostello's is not a listing website. It is a platform where you can express your thoughts. Tell your guests what makes staying at your place such a wonderful experience. Connect with them on a deeper level.

At hostello's you will find no limitations that hold you back. You want to tell a story with pictures? Go right ahead. You think a video might be more appealing? Have at it. You prefer to stick with words. No problem. Say what you want.

Whether you're an agency or an owner hostello's is absolutely free to use. No commission, no transaction charges, no hidden fees. Use it the way you see fit.

For a whitelabel version of hostello's that can be hosted on your own domain please contact sales to get a quote.

Finding you guests

Helping you host

After all the effort you spend in preparation its only natural to expect guest bookings in return. hostello's gives you all the tools that you need to maximize the effectiveness of your booking campaigns.

  • hostello's is social by design. Connect with your guests via built in facebook comments. Embed facebook chat on your pages, or your twitter feed. Or simply leave your contact details. You decide how to engage with your customers.
  • It lets you categorize your offerings. Have a double bedroom suite in the city and a 3 floor beachside bungalow? No problem. On hostello's you can easily group your offerings and price them separately.
  • It works well in a team environment. Don't have resources to do all the marketing by yourself. Well then send invitations to your team/marketing partners to promote it on your behalf.

Love brings you home

Marketing platform for your home
A blogging platform for home owners

multi-lingual / open / mobile friendly

A house is made of Bricks and Beams a home is made of Hopes and Dreams. hostello's is an ellobed brand. Website and technology by project mobile. Find us on twitter.